The female unemployment rate remains high

by TessaMarch 8, 2019

Men and women do not share the same employment context. Women represent less than 50% of the global working population according to the International Labour Organization.

Men and women don’t have a similar business setting. Below 50% of the worldwide female populace is employed particularly in Africa, a populace assessed at 49.6% as indicated by the 2017 UN cover on the ” Revised World Population Prospects”.

Morocco: anti-cancer drug factory

But more and more women are standing out. Creating jobs and heading different companies. It’s the case of Lamia Tazi, known for contributing in the fight against cancer.

A few days ago, Morocco launched a few days ago, the very first anti-cancer treatment factory in Africa. Sothema launched ‘‘Ypeva and Zelva’‘, the first two Moroccan treatments to treat the most common cancers in the kingdom and on the continent.

The Sothema Laboratories, which will generate about a hundred jobs, are headed by Lamia TAZI.

She speaks to Africa news journalist Armelle Nga, in this special edition of Business Africa celebrating the International Women’s Day



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