by FariedaAugust 23, 2019

Just outside PE, on the way to Jeffrey’s Bay, is this magnificent sanctuary. It is home to a number of rescued species that aren’t cut out to return to their natural habitat. There are also rehab programmes to help those that can be returned to the wild.

Massive aviaries are home to numerous bird species – from vultures to loeries, macaws to pelicans, flamingos to chickens… In some of the enclosures, they can fly freely. Visitors can interact with the parrots, who love nibbling on your finger or getting a head scratch. But, the sanctuary is also home to other species – like snakes, cheetah, crocodile, caracal, porcupine, monkeys, serval, and even the Tammar wallaby.

There is a small curio shop with some small mementoes, as well as a restaurant that offers cold drinks, toasted sandwiches, and so on.


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