Why Directory Advertising Still Works

by BelandaSeptember 10, 2018

Directory advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising around, but it’s also still one of the most effective methods, even after all these years. While paper directories are not as popular as they once were, online directories have stepped in as an excellent digital replacement. Most purchases start with an online search these days, after all, and many people find businesses in online directories.


With the relatively low cost and high potential for returns, directory ads should be a part of any small business’ marketing plans. Here’s why.

Brand awareness boost

You have to advertise to build brand awareness, and more importantly you have to advertise online because that’s where everyone searches for information these days. Strategic placement in an online directory can help small businesses get their foot in the door and provide a much-needed boost for growing businesses.

More website traffic

When a company is listed in an online directory, their website traffic is bound to increase. A good online directory with a strong reputation will already have a high rank in the search engines because of frequent visitors. So when you’re added to the directory, your listing will already carry a good amount of traction in the search engines from the moment it’s published.

Inclusion in an online network

When you form a network with people and other businesses in your area, you will undoubtedly grow stronger as a business. An online directory is one of the best and easiest places to form a network, where other businesses can find you when they need what you offer. You can also find businesses in your network when you’re in need of services, and advertising through an online directory makes it easier for people in your network to recommend your business to others.

Specific audience targeting

An online directory may not be everyone’s first choice when trying to learn about a product or service via the Internet. An online directory may be the first place some of your potential customers go when searching for information about a purchase they want to make, though, and you’ll miss out if you’re not there. When targeting a specific market, a directory may well be the best place to advertise.

If you’re still not convinced, give directory advertising a try by signing up for a free listing with YP. There’s really nothing to lose. The more directory advertising you do, the more you’ll have to gain.


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