Try Out These Simple Tips for Better Health

by Benice BurgerJuly 5, 2017

Work, eat, sleep, ferry children, take dog to vet, gym, work, eat, sleep. If that’s what your life consists of, you probably feel you don’t have the time for a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately there is much you can do that doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Glug, glug, glug

 Make sure you stay properly hydrated by drinking water and other drinks throughout the day. But let thirst be your guide – drinking too much water can actually do more harm than good by flushing important nutrients from your system. Also remember that alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate you.

Tomato trick

Tomato, in all its forms, containes lycopene, a very powerful antioxidant, which helps your body fight cancer. If you don’t like raw tomato, tomato sauce or tomato paste will have almost the same effect.

Wash your hands

Most of the viruses doing the rounds get into your system via your hands. Lift buttons, taps, telephones and shared office stationery are all culprits. Also wash your hands after going to the toilet. Do this, and you will cut your chances of getting ill significantly.

Take a multivitamin

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat your five fruit and vegetable a day, but it is preferable to not getting any vitamins at all. Especially if you smoke or drink regularly, your body’s Vitamin C levels need regular replenishment.

Drop the doughnuts

And the pies and the chips and the sausage rolls. Yes, they are fast and they fill a gap when you are on the run, but they all contain enormous amounts of fat, very little fibre, and bluntly put, they clog up your digestive system and your arteries.

Breathe deeply

Do this regularly and you will decrease your stress levels as you provide your body with more much-needed oxygen.


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