South Africa plans new elephant nursery

by FariedaJune 10, 2019

Due to the growing number of orphaned elephants within South Africa, a new fully dedicated elephant nursery will be built at Jabulani Safari in the Kruger National Park, with further plans to build a new guest lodge, Little Jabu, also under way.

The decision was made to move the orphaned elephants from Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre to the new nursery which is closer to the Jabulani stables.

“The elephant nursery will benefit from the availability of a habituated wild elephant herd, the Jabulani herd, which provides a stable and controlled environment to reintegrate orphaned elephants into an elephant social system,” says Adine Roode, MD of Jabulani Safari.

The new elephant nursery in South Africa and will assist in streamlining the conflicting regulations across the board in South Africa. “We are committed to lead in the development of best practice for sustainable, long-term, orphaned elephant rehabilitation, and contribute to the development of ethical and responsible industry standards,” says Roode.

The new nursery consists of three enclosures and indoor and outdoor playgrounds for the elephants.

Tourists, however, will not be able to engage with the elephants beyond viewing them with the elephant herd, however there are still other experiences for guests with the Jabulani herd. Roode says the elephant swim is one of the highlights for guests staying at Jabulani, and they also have the opportunity to view the stables and housing of the elephants. “[This] offers the guests the transparency of our elephant operation and shows the principles of our operation.”


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