Shoprite’s new R5 meals meet market’s needs

by ShevonaJune 13, 2017

The new R5 meals include:

• Fried fish – R5
• Potato hash brown – R2
• Chicken hotdog – R3.50
• Fried egg & tomato sandwich – R4
• Small pap – R2
• Pancake – R3
• Sweetcorn on a stick – R2.50
• Soup and igwinya (vetkoek) – R5
• Boiled egg and igwinya combo – R4

The retailer regularly subsidises the cost of basic food items and has extended its bread subsidy indefinitely, with its 600g in-house bakery bread retailing for just R4.99 since April 2016.

In addition, the Shoprite Group has a robust hunger relief programme in place to address the food security challenges faced by so many people across the African continent. Its mobile soup kitchens have been serving vulnerable communities on a daily basis for a decade and the retailer makes surplus food from all of its stores available to hundreds of non-profit organisations, who collectively feed thousands of hungry people daily.

The group also works to establish longer-term solutions, such as sustainable food gardens, to alleviate hunger in communities and to generate much-needed income for vulnerable individuals and organisations in need.


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