Samsung Galaxy S8 features and specs REVEALED in our hands-on review

by adminMarch 30, 2017

SAMSUNG’S Galaxy S8 smartphone has FINALLY arrived – and it’s a corker.

The Sun Online has already enjoyed a hands-on with the high-end gadget and we can now let you see exactly what’s on offer. The Samsung S8 and smartphone has an infinity screen and dual camera. This classy Android blower ticks the boxes that matter – viewing, comfort, camera and speed. Trust us: Samsung’s next generation smartphone wastes no space whatsoever.

Unlike the clumsy tablet smartphone hybrids of late, the S8 and S8+ has a mammoth infinity screen that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

The new Samsung S8 has a 12MP and 8MP dual camera which takes two shots at the same time. It has a fingerprint sensor on the back so you can unlock your phone by picking it up as well as a facial recognition unlock feature. The S8 can be docked to turn your smartphone into a desktop PC thanks to Samsung Dex.

Pop your phone into the dock and all your apps will appear on your computer screen.

It’s all down to the rounded edges and stripped away bezels, light weight and the removal of the home button. Like the iPod’s jog wheel, the S8 marks a turning point where one day, we’ll look back and wonder why we ever needed a home button at all.

Wave goodbye to smartphone wrist, because this beauty lets you snap selfies, stream films and run your life comfortably using just one hand. Eagle-eyed techies will note that the screen size hasn’t increased that much since the S7 generation, but the absence of the screen and home button frame makes it feel a lot larger than before.

It comes with the industry’s first 10nm chip for speedy processing and has snazzy biometric unlocking tech to keep it super secure. A fingerprint sensor placed on the back means you can access your phone as you pick it up, and improved front camera sensor lets you unlock your phone with your face.

The new phone integrates with lots of smart home products, too. The S8 connects to Samsung’s smart fridge, which lets you take snaps of the contents which stream directly to your smartphone. It can even control a Samsung hooverbot, too.

A new docking system called Samsung Dex lets you turn your mobile into a desktop PC. Simply place it in the dock and your phone apps will appear on your screen and let you take calls using the speaker while you browse. Brits who snap up the new phone can look forward to a useful voice assistant called Bixby. Bixby, which will be rolled out first in Korea, lets you control your phone using your voice alone.

After a tough couple of years, thanks to exploding smartphones and spying smart telly’s, this flagship gadget is a triumphant return for the Korean phonemakers.

If you fancy it, it will be available in shops from April 29.

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