by BelandaJuly 26, 2018

This is according to the Democratic Alliance’s provincial leader for the Eastern Cape, Nqaba Bhanga. The coalition in the city is led by the DA.

Bhanga issued a statement on Monday, saying that the coalition “remains united and focused on delivering services to the people of the city”.

He added that coalition governments were the future of the country and that “while they can be difficult, they are necessary”.

He praised the progress the coalition has made since 2016, saying that “a positive reflection of our financial position is the recent Moody’s credit upgrade to Aa1, as well as the R179-million reward from National Treasury for spending 100 percent of our USDG funding”.

Bhanga went on to say that kilometres of gravel road have been tarred, “giving the poorest areas access to the rest of the City”.

Some of the highlights from the budget he pointed out include:

  • 2 billion for the provision of a fixed amount of free basic services to indigent households;
  • 5 million on resurfacing and rehabilitation of roads;
  • 9 million on electrification of informal households;
  • 7 million on public lighting;
  • R49 million on upgrades or development of public spaces; and
  • R45 million for the acquisition of land for housing development.

Other successes the coalition has achieved so far are eradicating 9 046 bucket toilets of the 16 317 it inherited from the previous regime, completing and opening the Thusong Centre in Motherwell within a year, creating 5 439 EPWP jobs and installing 646 streetlights across the city in areas where they were needed.

Bhunga concluded his statement by saying that his party is confident that any disagreements that may emerge within the coalition can be resolved by “putting the people at the centre of our discussions”.



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