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If you’re heading overseas to travel for the first time, the thought of applying for your South African passport might be a bit scary.

Chances are, you’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about it. But, here’s the thing: applying for your passport for the first time doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Traveling solo is a great experience – and there are loads of very popular (and affordable) destinations all over the world.


How to apply for your South African passport for the first time:

Register a profile on eHomeAffairs


Registering on eHomeAffairs consists of creating a profile with a secured password.

Complete your personal details.

Create a password.

Answer the security questions.

Capture the received OTP (one time PIN) to confirm your cellphone number.

Login to your profile.

Capture the login OTP (one time PIN) received via SMS.

Complete the application form.

The application form is for a Smart ID Card and/or Passport.

You can capture and submit an application form for yourself or if you are still a minor your parents or legal guardians directly related to you can apply for you.

All fields highlighted in red are mandatory and must be completed.

Submit the completed application by selecting ‘Submit to Home Affairs’.

Upload supporting documents if applicable.

Required supporting documents will be listed.

Please note that originals will be required to be presented at the branch office.

Make the online payment.

Capture your banking details.

Please note that submitting a payment on eHomeAffairs is only an instruction to your bank.

In order to complete the payments process, you need to login to your internet banking to authorise the payment.

A payment authorisation process guide can be requested from your bank.

Once the payment has been authorised, please note that bank payment verification process must take place and may take a few minutes.

Make a Booking at a Home Affairs enabled Bank office.

Please note that digital biometrics can be captured at any Home Affairs office or at a Home Affairs.

Enabled Bank office, for which a booking is a prerequisite.

You do not need to make a booking to provide your biometrics at any of the Home Affairs offices.

Print your Confirmation Letter.

The barcoded confirmation Letter as well as your ID Book (if available) is required to be taken when going to the branch.

Biometrics Equipped Bank Branches can be found in the following cities: Centurion, Johannesburg. Pretoria and Cape Town.

How is independent travel achievable and enjoyable?

“The good news is that you can grow, learn and discover without breaking the bank. If you do the research and take an open mind, you will probably have one of the best trips of your life and want to do it all over again,” said Teresa Richardson, MD South Africa for The Travel Corporation, which includes youth-travel brand Contiki within its portfolio.


Contiki’s guided holidays visit the far corners of the world. For your next adventure, here are some top-selling destinations that are easy to reach:


Thailand has it all. Neon lights, vibrant cities, beautiful beaches and exotic cuisine, all within budget.

Packaged tours include accommodation, meals, transport and enough free time to spend your holiday your way.

Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan all feature wonderful nightlife and entertainment options, while Phuket is all about island-style living, with limestone karsts and coastal caves.

Head to Phuket Town for its architecture – and don’t forget to stop on Bangla Road for a cabaret show.

In Koh Phi Phi, rent a kayak or snorkel gear and have a Thai-style water adventure. Head into town for a relaxing massage or some retail therapy. Not to be missed in the evenings is a short hike up to Koh Phi Phi’s highest vantage point at sunset. Koh Phi Phi was made famous as the location of the blockbuster movie, The Beach.

Krabi has friendly locals, massage hangouts, markets and did we mention cocktails? Add some adventure with rock climbing or take an island boat cruise or tour of the Emerald Pool or hot springs.


For more European flavour, consider Turkey, with its unique mixture of culture, sights and experiences.

For South African travellers, Turkey, as with Thailand, remains an affordable option.

Board a Turkish gulet boat, eat home-cooked meals and soak up the sunshine between snorkels.

Highlights of a Contiki Turkish sailing itinerary include Seven Island, English Harbour, Ballisu and Yaliciftlik, where visitors can learn how Turkish carpets are made.

European Magic and European Horizon

Eight countries in nine days make for the ultimate adventure and Contiki’s European Magic tour visits England, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

The European Horizon itinerary spans seven countries and six World Heritage Sites. Highlights range from boat trips through the canals of Venice, or see Paris from the Eiffel Tower, explore the magic of Switzerland and party in Amsterdam.

The United States

Mouthwatering eats, bright lights and music, put your boots on as you gear up to explore the deep south of the US. The programme takes in all the sounds and sights of New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis and Austin to name just a few.

In San Antonio, Contiki travellers will get a feeling for American history, or pay a visit to Market Square, the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico.

In New Orleans, be romanced with the soul of the famous city. Explore the French Quarter, tantalise your taste buds with the European/Caribbean fusion food and revel in the city’s non-stop jazz festival atmosphere. In the evenings, there is really only one spot to be and that’s Bourbon Street.

Then it’s on to Memphis, home to Elvis’ Graceland and blues music.



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