Have a social media crisis management plan in place, urges Forrester report

by adminMay 10, 2017

Consumers are becoming more polarised than ever and they’re showing their values in the way they spend their money, says Jessica Liu in a recent Forrester report entitled “Social Crisis Management: Get back to basics”.

In this environment, brands worry about doing or saying the wrong thing on social media and losing popularity. But if they revert back to the basics of crisis management, well-articulated brand values, established processes and governance, as well as trusted partners with whom to work Liu says brands have nothing to worry about.

The report claims that with social media becoming increasingly accepted as a form of expressing opinion – especially consumers’ opinions about brands – a well-established crisis management plan is all brands need to protect themselves against negative comment on these channels. According to Liu, social media crises may not be as serious as they first appear and brands should consider their ultimate effect on the bottom line, as opposed to assuming that negative social response will have a disastrous impact on the brand’s reputation.


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