Durban International Film Festival to take place in July

by Benice BurgerJune 26, 2017

Durban Film Mart has officially launched the annual Durban International Film Festival, also known as DIFF.  The 38th edition of the world recognised film festival takes place on the 13th of July and the festival is said to last 10 days.

The festival displays African films in a range of various venues in and around the city. Its aim is mainly to expose local film content and talent to international producers. DIFF manager Chipo Zhou says the Festival will give local producers an opportunity to collaborate with producers worldwide.

“Both our opening and closing films are South Africa and we really increased the number of African content that we have this year and then we open it up to the rest of the world. The idea is if you come to Africa you want to see the best of Africa, we want to be the hub of African content.  What we are saying is yes, we represent Africa but we are an international festival, and we do want the African continent as a whole to be recognised.  This year our intention is to do it with high schools, we intend to expose them to the film industry at a very early age so that they can start developing their talent” says Zhou.

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