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December 2017
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November 29, 2017

Bitcoin at $10 000: where it goes from here

Bitcoin entered uncharted territory on Wednesday after breaching US$10 000 for the first time, leaving investors to wonder how long the rally will go — and whether it will end in tears.

The digital currency climbed as much as 4.4% to a record $10 379.53 during Asia trading hours, capping a more than 10-fold increase this year. Its market value has surpassed $176bn, according to

Here’s what bitcoin watchers are saying about the dizzying rally.

Arthur Hayes at BitMEX

“They said it was a bubble at $1 000, they said it was a bubble at $5 000 and they said it was a bubble at $10 000,” said Hayes, CEO and co-founder of Hong Kong-based BitMEX, a [...]

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November 29, 2017

Your future commute could be by taxi drone

A Chinese start-up has developed a flying car that it plans to roll out as soon as next year.

EHang’s E-184 drone can carry one passenger in its small cockpit, but the firm says it’s working on a model that can carry two. EHang’s CEO, Hu Huazhi, says they’ll be in operation as “taxi drones” in Dubai in 2018 — as long as they get approval from regulators there.

Four battery-powered propellers lift the drone off the ground, and it’s equipped with fully automated navigation, according to Hu. Passengers select a pre-programmed flight path and then strap in for the ride. The E-184 has a cruising speed of up to 100km/h and can stay in the air for 25 minutes, the company [...]

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November 24, 2017

Get ready for the next digital revolution

As technology moves deeper into what used to be the realm of science fiction, many experts predict that the next big digital revolution will be the shift from mobile into immersive computing.

Put simply, that means using devices that create a virtual reality (VR) through computer technology generating realistic images, sounds and other sensations – or an augmented reality (AR), which layers virtual information over the real environment.

Both are manipulated through computer touch inputs, but while in AR the user can interact with the real world, in VR they cannot.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) said in a September report that last year marked the dawn of a “third [...]

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November 24, 2017

Launch of Google Street View for SANparks to boost tourism

Google launched a large collection 360-degree images of South Africa’s most remote areas, including 170 trails of the country’s national parks and reserves.

The project, which was done in collaboration with Wesgro, Cape Town-based travel company Drive South Africa, Cape Nature and SANparks, saw the release of Google Street View of all South African National Parks.

Fourteen significant nature reserves in the Western Cape including the West Coast National Park in the Cape West Coast, Bontebok National Park in the Cape Overberg and the Anysberg Nature Reserve in the Cape Karoo, are also covered.

With a large part of tourists’ holiday’s now being planned [...]

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