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April 2018
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June 13, 2017

Firefighters thanked for their brave efforts

Pretoria – Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has commended firefighters from the Department of Environmental Affairs’ Working on Fire (WoF) programme for their brave efforts in providing assistance to fire authorities in the Eastern and Southern Cape.

“In one of the largest local deployment of firefighting services, WoF has deployed more than 800 firefighters in Knysna and Natures Valley. About 450 of these firefighters are in Knysna forming the bulk of firefighting efforts in the area.

“In the Sarah Baartman District, Working on Fire will have close to 400 firefighters assembled by this afternoon,” the department said.

The department said an [...]

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June 13, 2017

10 health benefits of long-distance running

Long-distance running has a number of health benefits. Here’s a look at how running long distance can benefit you. Those of us on the couch watching runners start the Comrades Marathon, or following the action on social media, have probably asked ourselves repeatedly why anyone would put themselves through a gruelling 86km run.  Well, it turns out that there are a number of health benefits to long distance running.

According to an article published in the PIT Journal, long-distance running provides a number of physiological benefits for the human body. It stimulates the heart, respiratory system and the brain, and reduces cardiovascular mortality.

Here are 10 [...]

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June 12, 2017

New technologies to save water, Think Water Exhibition

CAPE TOWN – The need to keep saving water and using water sparingly remains as pressing as ever despite the recent rain, Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille said on Sunday.

“Today [Sunday] I visited the city’s Think Water exhibition at the Canal Walk shopping centre where dozens of great water saving innovations were on display that can go a long way towards safeguarding our precious water resources,” she said.

“With level four water restrictions already implemented we all need to get our daily usage down to less than 100 litres per person per day in total, whether at work, home, school, or elsewhere. I would like to thank the many residents and businesses who have [...]

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June 12, 2017

15 Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

The biggest problem founders and small business owners have is that they’re experts in their field and novices in what it really takes to effectively run a business. That’s what usually trips them up, sooner or later. Don’t let that happen to you. Admit that you don’t know what you don’t know about business, starting with these 15 tips guaranteed to help keep you and your company out of hot water. Some are straightforward, others are counter intuitive, but they’re all true. And some day they’ll save your butt.

Always make sure there is and will be enough cash in the bank. Period. The most common business-failure mode, hands down, is running out of cash. If you know you’ve got [...]

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